Hunter Premium Living


Empowering & Helping Individuals Excel With Premium Living Solutions

We aim to build better living environments for people with disabilities. This is in line with the current NDIS requirements.

Access: To provide people with disabilities access throughout their homes, apartments, duplexes & villas. From the kitchen, to bathroom, to bedrooms – exceptional access is a priority.

Support: As an end to end builder of premium living spaces, we want to provide support and assistance to our clients and their participants. 

Longevity: Our buildings are built to last. Hunter Premium Living creates spaces that make a lasting impression on both the participants and the neighbourhood. 

Intelligent Design: Customised designs offer exceptional accessibility to our end users. This ensures both their safety and comfort throughout the premises, enabling participants to live with dignity and pride.

Our Solutions

We follow the SDA design standards to ensure we provide our clients and their participants with

Our spaces are designed with clients comfort and living needs as our top priority to ensure a safe and supportive living environment.

Our solution will include premium designs and infrastructure to create a lasting space.

Fully accessible living spaces are catered to individual needs to ensure our clients able to move about with ease and comfort.

Our accomodation will be tailored to accomodate clients with high physical support needs.

Let us help tailor your requirement for Specialist Disability Accommodation.

Our Projects

Here are a few examples of our premium living solutions.