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NDIS Support

Hunter Premium Living offer specialist housing solutions to participants with high levels of care needs. We build homes and spaces for participants who have extreme functional impairments or very high levels of support. Our dwellings enable participants to live their best lives – supplying houses which are custom built to fit the complex support needs. We partner with local Supported Independent Living (SIL) providers to deliver custom designed, quality homes that meet the needs of participants. Our purpose built homes enable participants to transition out of care facilities and hospitals, providing them with a more dignified way of living. Hunter Premium Living can assist with the design, dwelling and location of NDIS Support homes, for both groups and individuals. 

High Physical Support

Hunter Premium Living can design and build homes which cater to participants with high physical support needs. We abide by the SDA Design Standard to build homes which cater for participants with significant physical impairment. Our homes also have the option to build in assistive technology and specialist home modifications to suit individual needs. In doing so, Hunter Premium Living enables participants to live more comfortably and dignified.

Such features include:

  • Reinforced structures for hoists
  • Heating and cooling infrastructure
  • Emergency power and generators
  • Clear opening width doors
  • Assistive technology

We also carefully select the location of homes for participants with high physical support needs to ensure they live comfortably and securely. 

Fully Accessible

At Hunter Premium Living, we provide specialist accommodation building services to ensure that participants with significant physical impairments. We can build dwellings to cater for participants with specialist mobility and behavioural needs. 

This enables participants to live dignified lives with the right self care and management facilities in place.

Improved Liveability & Robust

We design and build housing designed to incorporate a high level of physical access. This includes features such as:

  • External doors and outdoor private areas which are accessible by wheelchair users
  • Bathroom vanity and hand basins which are at seated position
  • Power supply to doors and blinds
  • Consideration about the kitchen and cooktop

By creating housing with the participant in mind, Hunter Premium Living can deliver living spaces that assist both groups and individuals to live more comfortably. 

Let us help tailor your requirement for Specialist Disability Accommodation.

Our Projects

Here are a few examples of our premium living solutions.